The title sounded like a devil’s approach of profiting from others pain but not the case with the billion-dollar gaming industry, as the profits are popping in naturally as the world now at social-distancing mode, the individuals are spending more and more time over playing online video games.

As the corona-virus spread continues to grow at pandemic level, and countries all over the world are under compulsion for lock down, with more and more people are now working from home or not working at all. The online gaming industry is profiting from this pandemic situation. It’s not like they can do anything – but with more and more people in isolation, locked in their houses have nothing else to do.

During this difficult time, with people forced in self-isolation, the online gaming and live streaming has spiked. With thousands of sporting and entertainment events cancelled or postponed, people staying at home either out of boredom or for fun, has been spending more and more hours surfing the internet over streaming website or by playing online games.

According to US Telecom firm Verizon statistics, it is not astonishing to see that the online gaming has increased by 75% in North America, with around 12% increase of traffic over various online streaming website.

The overall web traffic in USA is increased by 20% – these numbers will continue to grow as the threat of COVID-19 still looming around with over 33000 death all over the globe and more than 700,000 confirmed cases. However, as per the global news, the world is still not near to put and end to this pandemic and would require probably require a year and half to come with a vaccine for this deadly corona virus.

Meanwhile in Italy – live streaming for gaming content has been increased by 66% in terms of hours watched. With over 10,000 deaths in Italy, the spread of COVID-19 is among the deadliest. All the entertainment events cancelled, and the country suffering the isolation, the people locked in houses have been attracted towards these streaming websites and online gaming platforms.

As we see more and more individuals work from home and students engage in online learning, it is a natural byproduct that we would see an increase in web traffic and access to VPN, said Verizon CTO Kyle Malady.

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